Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I count the words in my document?

If using Microsoft Word, use the "Word Count" function in the Tools menu. If using Pages (Apple), go under the View menu and select “Show word count.”

Our per word prices are set for the original document. If your document is in a format that does not allow for an electronic word count the price will be set with the translated document.


2. What kind of materials do you translate?

We specialize in translations of Christian material. Our goal is to help you reach other parts of the world with the gospel.


3. What guarantees do you give regarding quality?

Excellence is one of our core values. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of our translation for projects up to 25’000 words and you are able to reasonably dispute it, we will provide a new version as quickly as possible - at our expense. If you are dissatisfied with the new translation we will refund your money in full within 14 days of receipt.

 4. What does the money back guarantee include?

It includes all one-time projects below 25’000 words. All recurrent projects, such as magazines, articles and large projects are not covered.

5. Are your translations certified?

In order to offer the lowest prices possible, our posted prices do not include certification. 


6. Are your translators native speakers?



7. Are your translators certified?

Some of our translators are certified and others have become Christian translators, due to their previous translating experience and acumen. 


8. How do you process payments?

We accept all major credit cards and process them through our secure server.


9. Can you maintain the page layout?

Where possible, we translate directly on the original document by overwriting the text. Additional costs may apply if special formatting is required.


10. When will I receive the translation? 

Our average delivery time is about 1500 words a day. In the case of a specific deadline, we will confirm if we are able to expedite delivery. We will send you the delivery date along with your quote. 


11. What languages do you translate into? 

English to Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Swahili, Romanian, Polish, Czech, and growing.

Please contact us for any specific need.